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If you have hammertoes that are painful and prevent you from being on your feet, see the experts at Platte River Foot and Ankle Surgeons located throughout Nebraska. The experienced podiatrists diagnose and treat hammertoes to improve the structure and function of your toes, thereby minimizing pain. Call the office nearest you to schedule an appointment, or request one using the online booking feature today.

Hammertoes Q&A

What are hammertoes?

Hammertoes are deformities that develop within the middle joints of your toes due to imbalances of ligaments, tendons, or muscles that typically hold the affected toes straight. The condition often affects your fourth, third, or second toe. Similarly, mallet toe may develop in a toe joint nearest your toenail. 

Treatment with the experts at Platte River Foot and Ankle Surgeons can relieve the pain and pressure caused by hammertoes and mallet toes.

What are the symptoms of hammertoes?

The hallmark symptom of hammertoes is an abnormal bend in your toe joint. The affected joint may be painful and difficult to move. You might also develop corns and calluses due to the toe rubbing against the insides of your shoe. Complications may include a toe that remains permanently bent. See a podiatrist at the first sign of a problem. 

What are the risk factors for hammertoes?

The causes and risk factors for developing hammertoes include:

  • Stubbing or jabbing your toe
  • Breaking your toe
  • Wearing ill-fitted shoes
  • Imbalanced toe muscles
  • Aging
  • Being a woman
  • Having a longer second toe
  • Arthritis
  • Diabetes
  • Genetics

To reduce the chance of developing hammertoes, wear comfortable shoes that aren’t too tight and protect your feet from injuries.

How does my provider diagnose hammertoes?

To determine if you have hammertoes or mallet toes, your podiatrist examines your feet and toes. They review your symptoms and medical history and may order X-rays to further evaluate the joints and bones of your toes. That allows them to detect or rule out any additional foot or ankle problems. 

How are hammertoes treated?

To reduce pain caused by hammertoes, your foot and ankle specialist may recommend switching to a new pair of comfortable shoes that fit well. They also offer custom orthotics (shoe inserts) that reposition your toes to reduce pressure and discomfort.

Your podiatrist may suggest you complete foot and toe exercises that strengthen and stretch the affected tissues. 

If conservative treatments fail to ease pain caused by hammertoes, your provider may recommend surgery to correct your toe’s positioning. A surgeon can surgically release the affected tendon and remove a piece of bone in order to straighten the hammertoes. 

If you have painful hammertoes, schedule an evaluation at Platte River Foot and Ankle Surgeons by phone or request one online today.